Mobile Heroes is an online platform created to shine a light on successful marketers of non-gaming mobile apps.

For Mobile Heroes we created a logo and identity, a responsive website, a Guide to Marketing Non-gaming Apps and a handful of custom icons and illustrations for webinars, events and resources. We also created a full suite of goodies to showcase this great project such as a roll-up, a t-shirt, a sticker…

Mobile Heroes comes to live by the hand of Liftoff after realizing that while game marketers have hundreds of conferences and events each year, dedicated publications like GamesBeat and Pocket Gamer, and a massive support community, app marketers from other industries such as Health and Fitness, Dating, Commerce, Education, and Travel see very little industry support. All the while, app usage in those industries is experiencing explosive growth.

Mobile Heroes exists to cover the unique needs and challenges of non-gaming app marketers. Their day-to-day challenges are distinctly different and must be addressed as such in order for the industry to mature and grow to meet global market demand. Liftoff knows there’s no cookie-cutter template for marketing an app, so they have set out to assemble a team of all-star marketers across the spectrum of apps to broadcast their knowledge.

Armed with a nearly a dozen successful mobile marketers, Mobile Heroes shares the stories, mistakes, and insights that got them where they are today. Thanks to the Heroes and other industry experts, the groundwork has been laid to build a community that will help inspire all mobile marketers toward building a great mobile experience.