The interactive infographic “Effects of EU exports on employment and income” shows the relationship between trade flows (export-import) and employment & income generation. Its objective is to provide scientific evidence of the impacts generated by the exports of the EU-27 member States to the rest of the world, especially focusing on the generation of employment and Value Added.

This interactive infographic allows the user to Choose a map mode to find out the amount of jobs or income supported by EU exports or in the Rest of the World.

By default, EU flag is selected. Mouse-over a country to know the amount of jobs/income that were supported/generated in that country by the total exports of the EU27 (Croatia not included) to the Rest of the world. By choosing a flag the user can find out the impact of such country’s exports.
By clicking once on a given EU country, a summary fiche of the country will pop up. Here you can compare some of the 1995 and 2011 data.

Download the report “EU Exports to the World: Effects on Employment and Income”