Branding for Wild Isles Jewelry. At Wild Isles Jewelry, they seek to continuously evolve, defining the modern landscape of wearable design. Through meticulous adherence to quality and detail, they make timeless design accessible to the discerning public.

Se ha ido ya mamá created a graphically illustrated branding story that invite customers to meet an imaginary island throughout its flora and fauna.

This imaginary island is certainly the customer herself and the infinite possibilities to materialize the shades of her personality and create a unique personal piece of jewelry.

The design merges modernity and traditional creative excellence, combining clasical engraving illustrations with a modern concept and colour palette. The design suggest the idea of limited edition designs, the labels themselves with the different drawings are suggesting a limited engraving edition.

The different illustrations would help to dinamize Social Media covers and merchandising. The concept inspires attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and longevity all dressed with passion and love. The color palette is inspired in natural islands colors (namely sand and sea) in its more sofisticated version.